Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Gathering of Hutchisons

Gary and his family planned a visit to Tuscaloosa for Spring Break this year. Brittany came from NY with her 2 small daughters, Gary and Penny flew from CT to Texas to help drive the 10 hours with Emily, Eryn, Adam and their 11 grandchildren. Teryn drove in from Dothan with Baye. Nat and Brent came from Knoxville with their 3. Rachel and Stephen came from Montgomery with their 2 girls. Garrett, Lance and Katie came from Birmingham. We had a total of 1 great grandma, Ollie; 2 sons with their spouses; 8 grandchildren with 4 spouses; and 17 great grandchildren, 6 of those not yet 2! That's a total of 35 people, young and old.

We met at CHOM; that's the Children's Hands On Museum. All the grandchildren loved CHOM when they were children and now want their children to enjoy some of the same activities. Dress up is still a favorite of the girls and the barge for the boys.

Penny bought lunch for everyone from our famous Dreamland BBQ. We had plenty of food for the rest of our time together. She also had the suggestion of renting a bounce house, in fact, two bounce houses.

Bounce away!

Mason, Jackson and Katelyn went to the AL/AR basketball game with the men in the family.

Meme thought she was worn out until she heard the word "pictures"!

Sunday we all went to church. Meme or Grandma Hutchison was asked to bear her testimony.
She did a great job and we were all so proud of her. We took some more pictures.

Monday we went to Meme's house and had a picnic.

Tuesday we had to say goodbye. It was a wonderful time together. I loved meeting the personalities  behind the beautiful pictures I had seen for the past several years. Such precious children!

Eryn Klingler with Brooklyn, Mason, Meme with Gretchen, Blair and Eyrn with Sloane.

Meme with Brittany, holding Rose, and Betsy.
Emily with Lucas, Katelyn, Meme, Hailey, Christian and Adam.
Happy Memories!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in Dixie 2013

For the first time since Granddaddy died in 2011, all his children, grandchildren and their children got together at Aunt Bev's house. Mama's oldest sister, Louise and her friend Karen, also joined the group.

Where's Waldo? Thanks Karen for snapping this one.
Danny, Courtney, Pat and Rick

LeGrand, Jan, Bev and Butch
First generation with spouses.
Sorry, some of these pictures just pop in anywhere and I lose patience trying to move them.

Second Generation, missing Drew and Matt

Chad, Rachel, Natalie, Lance, Ryan, Garrett, Jared, Grant, Liz
Third Generation. Yep, this is the best shot we got.
Maddie, Lindsey, Jackson, Colton, Hannah, Sam, Sarah, Eva

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Katie, what did you do to Jared's deer?

Saturday night Rhada joined us at Lance and Katie's house for Hutchison Family Christmas. Katie had ordered a sub sandwich and with the leftovers from lunch we had a nice dinner. I was so happy all my carrot cake was eaten. Nat and Brent stayed the night in Pelham. Not many pictures were taken but here are a few.

I loved giving the kids some of their old stuffed animals for Christmas. I think Stephen especially got a charge out of the purring cat…..the screeching cat….wonder if that reminds him of Rachel. Garrett had given Rac that cat while she was still in High School. The four southern kids got a double portion of Christmas cash until the mistake was caught and checks were ripped. LeGrand and I had a failure to communicate. Misconcecommision I believe was the word I used. Lance thinks he knows the source of the miscommunication.

And I want to add a few from the baby shower/going away party some girls from church threw for Rhada. They surprised her at a restaurant. Garrett had casually mentioned it to me Tuesday. Rachel and I went. It was so fun and sweet. Garrett and Rhada leave for Australia Sunday and I won't see Rhada again until after the baby is born and I travel down under. GOOD LUCK RHADA!!!